We use pure and natural vegetable ingredients in our products. We only use pure and natural oils to scent our products and that means that even people who are sensitive to scent usually have no averse reaction to it.

This goal of doing right by our homes, bodies, community, and planet is our whole ethos: Never tested on animals, ethically-sourced plant-based ingredients, natural scents, recyclable bottles, dye-free, never any bad stuff, and committed to giving to charity.

Skin issues are often caused by the products that people use every day. Many people suffer from mild irritation, oily skin and seasonal dryness that can be irritated further by using beauty products made with synthetic or animal ingredients.

Naturally, with Sobeautis, what you see is what you get. We believe in everyone making the best choices for their own lives, and we want everyone to be as informed as we were when working with PhDs to create what we feel are the best possible care products on Earth.

We choose to only use the best kinds of oils and butters on earth and we source them only from certified producers around the world. We then lovingly blend them into our products using low temperatures in order to retain all of their natural enzymes and nutrients. This ensures that the moisturizing and healing benefits of these exotic oils are intact when you use our products on your skin. Best of all, there is no filler, no preservatives, and nothing artificial; just pure and potent skincare made by nature.


We go to extraordinary lengths to combine only the most well-researched, most natural, and most effective ingredients possible in our products. At every opportunity, these are ethically sourced, carefully purified, and fully-tested to be exactly what we say they are.

There’s no shortcuts, fillers, or secret agents in our products. Here’s a list of exactly what’s on our labels and in our products, and an explanation of what they are, with their scientific names.


We use cold-pressed Virgin Olive Oil. It is a big ingredient in our bar soap because of it’s anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial properties and is well known as a good moisturizer.


Laurel oil commonly known as bay, sweet bay and laurel, is an evergreen tree native to the Mediterranean region especially in Turkey, Greece, Spain, Italy and France. Laurel oil is also soothing to the skin. Used topically with a massage, it offers a soothing and relaxing experience. Laurel Leaf essential oil also reduces the appearance of blemishes and promotes a clear looking complexion.


OK, it’s the buzz oil of the decade but it’s for good reason. It’s incredibly moisturizing and full of healthy vitamins and natural enzymes that are known to be antibacterial and anti-fungal.


We use no scent other than natural scented oils. We hear all of the time from people who say that they are normally sensitive to scents but our products don’t make them react or cause headaches. The real thing costs more but it’s worth it.


You’ll never find ingredients in our products that are harmful to environments or the people who produce them. For example, we’ll never use palm oil! Why? Because the high demand in many industries for this cheap oil means that rain forests are routinely being leveled to make way for more massive palm plantations. We also know that using certified ingredients reduces the chance of counterfeiting in the supply chain and ensures that what we use is what the label says it is.

We believe that there is a market for products that are truly pure and organic and people value authenticity. We also think that creating products from the right ingredients is healthier for environments and producers and it really makes a difference in the final result.

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